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1201 4th Street in Mission Bay
San Francisco, CA 94124

​Fresh and bursting with flavor is what McGee's Creole Cajun Cuisine has to offer.

Serving the San Francisco greater area,
we provide splendid tasting food that  is
prepared fresh with the highest quality ingredients. 

We will cater that special event, and/or participate in most local festivals. The mobile menu
is designed for all such events. Additionally, we will pull items from the catering menu to influence your taste buds. 
         Our  Catered Menus are for your: business meeting, group luncheons, community events, fundraisers, parties, weddings, etc..
 Ingredients indigenous to the Cajun region of southern Louisiana is the secret to good eating. You will enjoy a unique food experience. FIRE, SWEETNESS and EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN. If you do not see what you like on the menu, ask Betty.
 Make your reservation today as time slots are limited. We appreciate your business and make every effort to meet individual dining needs. All food is prepared to order so do not hesitate to place your order today via email to bettymcgee50@gmail.com or call me at (415) 377-4648.

"If it's not cooked by the Cotton Queen it's not Louisiana stuff"